Terminology management is the process whereby we identify and systematically classify important words and phrases that are to be used during various document translation services.

To get the best from terminology management, translation agencies should know your corporate brand language inside-out. If they don’t, you risk receiving inaccurate and inconsistent translations, wasting your money, time and damaging customer satisfaction.

Managing your terminology via our content management processes is just one of the ways in which translate plus proactively ensures you are always able to speak to your global audience in your own unique voice.

Key terms are not just frequently-used words; they can also be words used only once or twice in a document translation job, but which are integral to the meaning of a text. They can include abbreviations, approved terms, trademarked and excluded terms and rules on when to use them. Our terminology management process identifies these important key terms and helps you to get the most of them.

Our content management services allows you to build a glossary list, this process can begin at any stage although we do recommend that a good skeleton glossary be prepared before starting, with additional terms being added during or after translation.

Our team of translators and dedicated in-house terminology coordinators are at hand to ensure that terms that are of vital importance to our clients’ content are stored and up to date. Using the latest terminology management software (e.g., MultiTerm, XBench, Oliphant, etc.), we help provide our linguists with all the necessary tools to ensure that our document translation services are consistent from start to finish – allowing quicker turn-around times and reduced costs.

Terminology management features

  • Collection of approved and excluded terms
  • Rules on how and when to use terms
  • Glossary to clarify ambiguous terms
  • Latest terminology management software

Terminology management benefits

  • Consistent corporate brand communication
  • Accurate translation results
  • Time saving as correct first time
  • Translations can be re-used via translation memory technology
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