In industry lingo, ‘translation’ refers to rendering one language into another in written form (see ‘Interpretation‘ for all spoken forms). Unlike automatic quote systems which charge very high fees in order to give you a quote in seconds, our personal approach assures that your project is thoroughly inspected by one of our project managers in order to make sure that you get the best quote possible.

Need Translation provides translation service in all languages through our proprietary translator database of 8204 translators. To date we assisted tens of thousands of clients in a myriad of languages (Vai or Cherokee anyone?). We are big believers in technology and how it simplifies processes for both our clients and linguists. Our integrated CRM and ERP systems enable our project managers to provide seamless service to our clients.

Thanks to our proprietary translation platform NT (Linguist Integration NetworK) we are able to assign many translators to work on high-volume, time sensitive projects. NT also has invaluable tools that make translating content easier, faster and cost effective for our clients. The translation memory function allows us to discount repetitive content and pass on the savings to our clients. The glossary function assures that important terms are adhered to by our translation team. NT allows for real-time monitoring of translations by our project managers and of course the end-user so there is total control in the process. What is more, NT requires no software to install or maintain. The only thing needed is a browser and internet connection. We can use any existing TM’s our clients have.

For a demonstration of NT’s capabilities and see how quick, easy and cost-efficient managing your large volume translation, software and website localization projects can be contact us today.

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