Human Translation Services

No matter how you look at it: only humans get humans. When you need a translation that’s emotional, appropriate, and incorporates the language’s peculiarities – you need a human translator.

We are only able to deliver such services because our team consists of highly qualified and trained professional translators. Our translators make sure your ideas messages are understood across the world.

Medical translation services

Patient information leaflets Physician manuals Marketing materials Localization of medical service providers Medical device instructions Pharmaceutical training manuals, reports, and research Incident investigations and problem reports

Business Translations Services

Website content translation Translation of annual reports Localization of various software products Translation of business plans Translation of corporate directives Subtitling/ voice-overs of business videos Translation of all business documents

Technical Translations Services

Engineering specifications Website localization Service manuals Technical brochures Installation instructions System requirement documents User guides Technical training material

Document Translation Services

Legal documents Diplomas Driver licenses Birth certificates Immigration documents Financial documents Medical records Marriage certificate

CAT Tools

CAT Tools boost the translation process, making the job easier for human translators and cutting down prices drastically for clients. How does this work?

Our interactive software combines and employs translation memory, language search-engine, and alignment when translating.

Then the automatic machine translation is amended and edited by a human to deliver translations of the highest quality.

Client platform

Our client platform allows acquiring top-quality human translations anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re staying in at home or on the go – ordering process is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons.

Thanks to the web-based platform, the same applies to saving favorite translations and looking through your history.

Our platform evolves continuously through a tight-knit community of translation enthusiasts.

Honest Pricing

We treasure our clients, which is why we stress being completely transparent. We do not have any hidden fees nor hide information about our services.

Fast Turnaround

There is lightning fast, and there is need-translation.com fast. Our turnaround times rely on the complexity of the order, and yet they are incomparable to that of our competitors.

100% Guarantee

We have established a 100% satisfaction guarantee where we’re not satisfied if our clients aren’t satisfied. Just contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem.

100% Security

Privacy is invaluable, especially nowadays. We ensure that any personal and confidential corporate information doesn’t reach anyone who isn’t an intended receiver.

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